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 If you are in Italy and need to see a great English speaking primary care physician nearby, we can help. 

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If you are feeling under the weather and wish to see a primary care physician, use DoctorsinItaly

DoctorsinItaly can help you to find a last-minute appointment with a family physician who can help with your current need. 

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DoctorsinItaly helps you to find medical assistance in English from general practitioners nearby, be it for minor issues, regular medical checks, urgent needs, diagnostics, procedures or major life-changing situations.

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A space for sharing our experience by answering questions that others like you have asked before.

How do I find a primary care physician near me now?

Make your request on DoctorsinItaly and it will instantly reach family doctors in your area who speak English. They will respond as quickly as they can and offer you the first available appointment today. Please be aware that it cannot substitute emergency services. In case of life-threatening conditions call 112 or visit the closest emergency department. Find out more about how it works >

How do I find primary care physician near me for a regular check?

You can find amazing and caring physicians who speak English and can assist you for a variety of needs. They can see you both for a yearly physical and when you are sick. Even the best physicians have last minute cancellations. Find out more about how it works >

Can I see a primary care physician at my hotel / Airbnb instead?

Yes. You can request a house call and instantly contact all general practitioners near you who make home visits. Make sure you set your address correctly and you’ll hear back from all available providers. Compare prices and available times and book the one you prefer. More about house call physicians >

Where is the service available?

DoctorsinItaly has a fast-growing network and new providers join every day. We started in Rome and have been expanding throughout Italy, in big cities and small towns. We can’t guarantee that there will be primary care physicians near you, but the best way to know is to make a request. It only takes a minute! Get an appointment with a primary care physician >

How do I find good primary care doctors in my area open on Saturday?

There are many providers available after hours and during weekends. Although their medical office or clinic may be closed on weekends, they can see you at home or at your hotel even during holidays and weekends. If you are sending a request for a weekend appointment, keep it open to all options by selecting both House calls and Office appointments. Learn more about house call options >

Do I need to bring my passport for the medical appointment?

No. Usually physicians do not require to see your passport. It’s a good idea to carry ID or a copy of your passport so that the provider can get the information needed for the invoice, but it is not usually necessary.

Are there family doctors near me that accept my insurance?

With DoctorsinItaly you can book online and pay out-of-pocket. An insurance payment is not usually accepted. However, your insurance provider is likely to reimburse you if you are covered. If you hold American insurance, it is very likely that all physicians abroad are considered out of network, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not covered. Contact your insurance provider to get clarification on the reimbursement procedures. Insurance providers sometimes have lists of affiliated providers, but they do not guarantee that English will be spoken. They are usually unavailable on weekends and holidays, and they don’t offer online booking. More about prices and insurance procedures >

Can I pay with credit card, or do I need cash?

Your appointment can be paid for online with a credit card as well as with PayPal and some debit cards. No cash is involved. Payment is made in advance, so there are no surprise bills.

Can I use my EHIC or Tessera Sanitaria to pay?

DoctorsinItaly lets you find and book vetted English-speaking physicians as a private patient. EHIC and Tessera Sanitaria can only be used to access medical assistance offered by the Italian public health authority — the SSN. More about public healthcare in Italy >

What is included in a consultation? Will the physician give me medicine?

Physicians in Italy do not usually give you medicine, but rather a paper prescription that you can take to any pharmacy to buy your medications. The cost of most medicines is quite low, so your bill at the pharmacy is unlikely to break the bank.

Can I get a report in English?

Yes. You can ask the physician to write a report for you in English. It’s a good idea to get one in case you need to take it to your doctor at home or use it for your insurance.

Will I be seen at a hospital or a physician's office?

It depends on where the provider you choose works. Some practitioners will offer you an appointment at their private medical office, while others will propose to see you at a private hospital or clinic where they work. Either way, you will have a guaranteed appointment with a physician who understands you and who will take the time to take care for you. Find a hospital near you >

How much does it cost to see a primary care physician in Italy?

Each provider sets their professional fees so there is no common standard, but most providers charge between 80 and 250 euros. Some providers may charge more. For example an appointment with a chief physician at a teaching hospital can easily cost 350 euros. Other general practitioners charge less, especially in parts of Italy where the cost of living is lower.

Can I see a medical specialist instead of a general practitioner?

Yes. You can find all kinds of healthcare professionals through DoctorsinItaly. Whether you need a dentist, a dermatologist, an orthopedic surgeon, or an ophthalmologist specializing in laser treatment, we can help. The one thing all providers have in common is that they all speak English and have an international mindset. Medical specialists near you >

What happens if I need to go to a hospital?

DoctorsinItaly works with several hospitals throughout the country. We can provide a referral and coordinate the logistics at some of the best international hospitals in Italy. If you need to go to an Italian hospital where English is not spoken, the medical provider you see through us can help you by providing a report in Italian that the hospital’s staff and physicians will understand. Don’t be shy in asking the doctor for help; he or she will be happy to assist you in overcoming language barriers.

Should I see a general practitioner or a specialist?

A primary care physician can help with many common issues, although what falls into the area of a medical specialist varies from one country to the other. General practitioners in Italy, for example, do not usually do pelvic exams or collect pap smears or swabs. They usually do not do ear wax removals and do not see children under 12. If you are not sure whether you need a specialist or a general practitioner, explain in detail your medical needs. Physicians from multiple specialties will receive your request and offer to assist you only if your needs fall into their area of expertise.