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1 – Send a request

It only takes a minute to send a request!  Just fill out the online form. Type your address or city, so we’ll know which doctors are close to you. Select House call if you wish to find a doctor who can come to your hotel or apartment, or choose Office or Hospital if you prefer to go see the doctor.

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A space for sharing our experience by answering questions others like you have asked before.

Can I find urgent care near me open now?

Yes. DoctorsinItaly helps you find 24/7 available doctors who speak English, across Italy. Urgent care walk-in clinics are not common in Italy, as everyone has a designated primary care physician they can visit same-day. On the other hand, most doctors are able to fit one or two urgent cases in their agenda, so you can be seen same-day and without having to wait in line. 

Can I find a doctor available on Sunday?

Yes. DoctorsinItaly connects you 24/7 with doctors who speak English, across Italy. Your request will reach all closest English-speaking providers, within minutes. Available providers will offer a time to see you, so you can pick an option that works for you. Even the best doctors work during weekends, so there is a good chance you can be seen even on a Sunday or after hours.  Find out more about how it works > 

Will the doctor speak English?

Yes. We only allow doctors who speak fluent English to use the platform. Each doctor is carefully vetted before being eligible to join DoctorsinItaly.

Will I be seen at a hospital?

You will be seen by a doctor at a medical office, a clinic or a hospital, depending on what are the available options. Chances are a doctor near you has an open appointment today and can see you without having you wait for hours.

I need to see a doctor immediately, can I use this platform?

If you are in a medical emergency or in a life threatening condition, go to an Emergency Room right away! Our platform can be fast but it cannot guarantee the immediate attention you need.

Can I use this site to be admitted to a hospital?

If you are not in an emergency and wish to choose your hospital and doctors, you can use our fast-track access to some of the best international hospitals in Italy. This is ideal for planned procedures or transfers from a hospital. Find out more>

What is the cost to see a doctor?

Each doctor is a single professional and can set the fee for the services he or she provides. We don’t decide their fees, but do check that they are the same as what local patients pay. Booking the appointment is free of charge for you, there is no extra charge. Find out more>

Can I call to book an appointment?

The online request form is the fastest and most effective way to book an appointment through Doctors in Italy. If you have specific questions that you find no answer to, you can chat with our staff and ask for assistance. Our team cannot take phone calls, but we are happy to assist in any other way.

Can I use EHIC or access free public health services?

No, you can only book private services through DoctorsinItaly. EHIC, Tessera Sanitaria, or other forms of free or subsidised health assistance are available only at public hospitals or medical centres accredited with the Italian National Healthcare.

Can I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

You can always ask to reschedule, the doctor will do everything possible to accommodate your request. Cancelling an appointment is also possible and free of charge, up to 24 hours before the appointment. If you need to cancel less than 24 hours before the appointment, though, no refund will be issued. You may still be able to reschedule, though, so feel free to contact us whenever you need to make a change.

What happens if the doctor cancels my appointment?

Although very rarely, it may happen that a doctor is unable to keep a scheduled appointment. In this case, you’ll be offered a set of options: choosing a different time with the same doctor, picking another available appointment with any of the other doctors on the platform, or receiving a full refund.

How does DoctorsinItaly make money?

We do not charge you for using the platform, and doctors do not pay to be listed. A small fee is retained from the doctor’s share when booking the consultation.

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