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How much will the house call doctor visit cost me?

Each doctor decides the fees to charge for a doctor home or hotel visit, but you’ll be surprised by how affordable it can be. Fees start from about 40 euro. The cost is usually lower in small towns. Doctors in Italy prices >

Does the cost of the house call doctor visit include the prescription?

Yes, the doctor will hand you a paper prescription that you can use to buy the medicines at any pharmacy. The price of medications may be very much different from what you are used to. Antibiotics, for example, are usually only a few euros per box, while a food supplement may cost more than you expect.

When and where are house call doctors available?

DoctorsinItaly operates 24/7. When you send a request through the website, doctors in the area receive it instantly on their mobile phone. You will receive their responses as soon as they can reply, so you can choose the time you prefer. Although a doctor on call is not guaranteed, there is a good chance someone will be able to see you. Doctors in Italy is a platform accessible to doctors throughout Italy, so you can always send a request and check for availability in your area. How it works >

What kind of doctors make house calls?

Many Italian doctors can make house calls. Doctors may be fully booked at the office, but still able to come to your house or hotel on their way home in the evening, or first thing in the morning. You can have a home visit by a pediatrician, dermatologist, orthopedic doctor, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, a nurse, a chiropractor, or whatever healthcare professional you need.

Can I use my insurance to pay for the house call doctor visit?

If your insurance covers house calls, you can claim for a refund and be reimbursed through your insurance provider. The doctor will give you an invoice – fattura in Italian – at the end of the consultation. This is what your insurance would call itemized bill. You can pay out-of-pocket with your credit card or with PayPal. If you are in Rome, you can pay with your insurance if you see a doctor who is part of the Rome Clinic team. For insurance billing eligibility in Rome check the list of insurance partners. For questions specific to your insurance plan, please call your insurance provider.