We are fluent in patient care

DoctorsinItaly is the digital marketplace that makes it easy for everyone to find a local English-speaking doctor while traveling or living in Italy.

Fluent in patient care

Healthcare without barriers

Language barriers in crowded emergency rooms, long waits, feeling ignored by busy staff and doctors, lack of privacy, and hidden fees. 

Let’s face it, being ill or injured can be a nightmare, especially when far from home. 

We allow you to skip all this and get fast to the point where you see a doctor.

What you need is a local doctor who understands you and who can see you today.

Finding a doctor? Easy as pie!

Send your request. Receive offers from nearby doctors. Choose a time and fee you like. Book and see a doctor.

Forget calls to doctor’s secretaries and hours spent searching on Google for a doctor that seems to be okay.

Getting a same-day appointment is not hard when you can reach out to all doctors with just one tap.

doctors receive your request

Local doctors with a global mindset

Cardiologists. Gynecologists. Primary care physicians. Physiotherapists. Nurses. Dentists. All kinds of healthcare professionals are welcome to use our platform.

All they need is to demonstrate having fluency in English, have a board certification, a global mindset, and the desire to meet people from all over the world. 

Seeing patients with DoctorsinItaly is a way to enrich their daily medical practice through human connection.

Healthcare professionals who use DoctorsinItaly do not pay a fee to use the platform. They need to have the qualifications to join and maintain consistently positive patient feedback.

Walking into a hospital may not be the best choice

Every year, about 60 million international travelers visit Italy. When they fall sick or are injured they suddenly need to interact with a healthcare system they are not familiar with, facing language barriers and scant information. The logical conclusion is to walk into an emergency room. They are open 24/7 and they are easy to find. 

Over-tourism, especially in peak periods, generates issues for the hospitals and the patients.


Hospital strain

43% of the non-urgent use of emergency department in Italy is generated by non-Italian citizens. This creates significant pressure on the emergency departments. Longer waiting times are an inconvenience for those who don’t really have an emergency, but they also result in serious consequences in the event of a critically ill patient.

Patients’ issues

The average waiting time to be seen at a hospital is 4.5 hours. If imaging, lab tests, or a specialist are needed, this means waiting even longer. ER doctors and staff are often very busy and can’t dedicate more than a few minutes to a patient that is not in an emergency. English is not commonly spoken in hospitals.

DoctorsinItaly was a true blessing. Within minutes, my husband had an appointment scheduled, we didn't have to cancel our planned tour. The doctor was simply wonderful, he took the time to explain everything to us. Such a relief! I wish we had not gone to the hospital first, we had been waiting already 2 hours. No one seemed to care. No one spoke English. They didn't give us any information. They kept passing by without stopping.

Transparent, fast, in English

DoctorsinItaly uses a digital platform to shift non-emergency patients to primary care sites, medical offices, and clinics. 

Patients are seen with an appointment, without waiting. 

Doctors have the necessary time to assist them. 

English is spoken.


A space for sharing our experience by answering questions that others like you have asked before.

Does DoctorsinItaly provide medical services?

DoctorsinItaly is not a healthcare provider — we do not recommend or refer patients to a particular provider. Rather, we provide a transparent and fair environment where patients can independently choose their doctor.

Do doctors pay to be listed? Do you accept anyone?

Doctors do not pay to access the platform, nor do they pay a membership fee. During the onboarding process, they are vetted for their English language fluency. We confirm that they have an active medical license and are in good standing to practice, and we confirm their specialty, education, and any board certifications. A medical professional who has not passed the vetting process cannot pay to be included. Doctors cannot pay to appear at the top of the list or to be given special visibility. The patient is free to choose among all available professionals.

Can I see the list of doctors?

DoctorsinItaly is not an online directory. Instead, we are a platform that connects you with the right doctor for you in minutes. Once you have submitted your request, it is sent to all doctors in the area. The ones who accept your request respond by proposing a time for the appointment. You can then choose from a list of available appointments with a set of doctors, and check the fee, the distance and the time.

Is it medical tourism?

Providers who work in the field of medical tourism focus on helping patients to travel to Italy in order to receive specific medical treatment. DoctorsinItaly doesn’t work in this way as its focus is on helping people get back to health while they are already in Italy.

Can I see the doctors' reviews and years of practice before choosing?

Yes, you can. We eagerly collect detailed patient feedback and do our best to have eyes everywhere. We do so in order to spot potential issues with providers who offer their professional assistance through our platform. In order to use our platform, we expect healthcare providers to maintain a high level of patient satisfaction.