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 If you are in Italy and need to see a gynecologist who speaks English, we can help. Feel at ease and avoid the stress of misunderstandings.

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Whether it’s an unbearable itch, a sudden worry, or seeing your baby for the first time, there’s no reason to wait to go home when a great ob-gyn can see you today. 

We’ll help you find an ob-gyn near you so that you can be seen today, tomorrow, or on the date you prefer.

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No need to download any app, or call any doctors’ offices.

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OB-GYN care for all ages

DoctorsinItaly helps you to find ob-gyns who provide a full range of obstetrics and gynecological care for women for minor issues, regular checks, urgent gynecological needs, prenatal care, procedures and major life-changing situations.

  • Routine examination and PAP smear
  • Transvaginal ultrasound
  • IUD/IUS insertion and removal
  • Maternal and fetal Doppler sonography / Pregnancy scan
  • Colposcopy
  • HPV vaccine
  • Bacterial vaginosis, candida, discharge
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • 12 week ultrasound
  • 9 week ultrasound
  • 20 week ultrasound
  • Full pregnancy check-up
  • Pregnancy testing and prenatal care
  • Non Invasive Prenatal Test / NIPT
  • Menstrual disorders
  • Infertility
  • Menopause, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • Incontinence
  • Ovarian cysts / PCOS
  • Fibroids / Endometriosis / Vaginal dysplasias
  • 8 week ultrasound
  • 6 week ultrasound
  • 10 week ultrasound
  • Gender ultrasound

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A space for sharing our experience by answering questions that others like you have asked before.

Can I see a female gynecologist?

Yes. You can choose your doctor. You will know before booking what options are available, so that you can select a female gynecologist if this is your preference. Find out more about how it works >

How much will the ob-gyn appointment cost me?

Each gynecologist sets the fees to charge, so prices vary depending on who you choose to see. You will know all the prices before booking, so that you can select one that is reasonable. Generally the cost of a gynecology consultation goes from about 80 euro up to 250 euro approximately. Find out more about doctors’ prices >

Can I see a gynecologist near me right now?

DoctorsinItaly is a very fast way to get an appointment with a doctor but it cannot substitute ob-gyn emergency centers and it is not meant for emergency needs (i.e. potentially life-threatening for you or for your baby). Your request will reach all English-speaking gynecologists nearby within minutes. Available providers will offer a time to see you, so that you can pick the first option. Even the best doctors have last minute cancellations, so there is a good chance you can be seen today.  Find out more about how it works >

Can any ob-gyn help me if I need an ultrasound or a pregnancy check?

Most gynecologists can do an ultrasound, but not all of them see pregnant patients regularly. Make sure to specify if you are pregnant, or coming for prenatal checks, or in need of a specific procedure. Doctors will check your request and will only offer an appointment if they can help you, saving you time and money.

Will I get the gynecologist give me a prescription?

Yes, if necessary, the gynecologist will give you a paper prescription that you can use to buy medicine you need at any pharmacy.

When and where are gynecologists available?

DoctorsinItaly operates 24/7, so that you can always send a request. When you send a request through the website, gynecologists in the area receive it instantly on their mobile phone. You will get their responses as soon as they can reply, so that you can choose the time you prefer. Although there is no guarantee that there is a gynecologist on call, there is a good chance someone will be able to see you.

Can I have just a pap test?

Most gynecologists cannot do a pap test without a consultation, as they are bound to collect your medical history and examine you even if it is just for a pap test. If you wish to have a simple regular pap smear check, specify it in your request, some doctors may have a lower price for a basic consultation.

Are STI tests or blood tests included?

No, if you need further tests these will be discussed with the gynecologist. Many gynecologists are able to run common STI tests, while others may give you a prescription to use at a lab. Find out more about STI testing in Italy >

Should I reschedule if I got my period?

If you can wait a few days, it would make your examination more comfortable, and you’ll have no limitations on running any tests. However, if you are in pain or can’t wait, you can still book an appointment and the doctor will examine you. If you have booked and paid an appointment that you need to reschedule, contact us and we’ll help you.

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