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Specialized clinic in Padua

Eye doctor in Padua performs slit-lamp exam
Eye clinic

Via Zabarella, 90, 35121 Padua, PD
+39 049 297 0334

Featured healthcare providers
Mario Angi ophthalmologist

Dr. Mario Angi, MD


Dr Angi is a talented ophthalmologist with extensive experience in comprehensive eye care. He graduated cum laude from the University of Padua and then was post-doctoral fellow at Yale School of Medicine, Connecticut, USA.  He has worked as confirmed researcher at the University of Padua until 2017. Now he is head of the preventive ophthalmology service. 

Available for: in-person visits

Speaks: English

📍Via Zabarella, 90 – 35121 Padova PD

Oren Mark Feuerman ophthalmologist

Dr. Oren Mark Feuerman, MD


Dr. Feuerman graduated from the prestigious University of Padua, where he also completed the residency program Cum Laude in Ophthalmology. Since 2018 he is entitled as FEBO (Fellow of European Board of Ophthalmology). He completed a 12 months period in the Charles University of Prague and a diabetic retinopathy screening course in Queen’s University of Belfast. Currently he works as a consultant in the Rovigo Public Hospital. He is an expert in retinal diseases, ocular multimodal imaging, ocular ultrasound and ocular surface pathologies. He is specialized in ocular surgery, including cataract surgery. 

Available for: Virtual care, in-person visits

Speaks: English, French, Spanish

📍Via Zabarella, 90 – 35121 Padova PD

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A space for sharing our experience by answering questions that others like you have asked before.

Can I make a same-day appointment with a doctor in Padua?

Patients who use DoctorsinItaly can search for a doctor or a medical specialist in many locations and expect to see the doctor same-day. Appointments at a very short notice (few minutes) are often available for virtual care while it may take longer for an in-person consultations or house calls to be arranged.

Can you see a doctor in Padua without a referral?

Yes, you can choose the doctor or medical specialist you prefer without a referral. It is advisable to ask assistance to a primary care physician if you are unsure of what medical specialist is appropriate for your particular case. For instance you may be unsure if you need to see a gynecologist or a urologist. You can easily find a general practitioner to help you out on DoctorsinItaly for a quick video consultation at a very affordable price. 

How can I book an appointment for a medical consultation in Padua?

Making an appointment is easy: Fill our the form by pressing one of the red buttons. Explain your medical need, what kind of doctor you need to see, your preferred time and day and send your request. As soon as the first doctor responds you will receive an email or WhatsApp. You can see distance, price, location, reviews and choose your preferred provider. Book, pay online and your appointment is confirmed!

How can I find a video visit with a doctor in Padua?

You can get to the point faster with our proprietary video consultation platform that allows for safe online consultations and virtual care. When you make your request on our website, select “Online” at the question “Where do you want to see the doctor?”. You will receive available times and prices and can choose the provider you prefer for a virtual consultation.

How much does it cost a doctor visit without insurance?

Each doctor sets the fees to charge, but it’s up to you to choose who to book with. The variety allows you to pick a low cost junior doctor, a standard fee, or the top of the list no matter the price. You will always know the cost before booking, we don’t like surprises. Generally the cost of a consultation with a doctor in Padua goes from about 50 euro up to 150 euro approximately. If your budget is limited, consider choosing a video visit, the cost will range from 20 to 50 euros. Find out more about doctors’ prices >>

Can I see a doctor in Padua urgently?

DoctorsinItaly is a very fast way to get an appointment with a licensed medical doctor and it can work as an alternative to urgent care for many medical conditions. It is not an alternative to emergency centers though, and it is not meant for emergency needs (i.e. potentially life-threatening conditions). Your request will reach all English-speaking doctors nearby within minutes. Providers who are available will offer a time to see you, so that you can pick the first option. Even the best doctors have last minute cancellations, so there is a good chance you can be seen today.  Find out more about how it works >

Can I get an ultrasound, or an x-ray?

Many medical specialists can do an ultrasound within a consultation. For example, in Italy obgyn doctors almost always include an ultrasound scan with each consultation. As for getting x-rays in Padua, there are many labs and medical clinics where you can get it done, but it’s always best to see a doctor first – to avoid unnecessary exposure. 

Can I go to the doctor by myself?

DoctorsinItaly follows the highest level of safety precautions and abides by COVID-19 restrictions the Italian government extended until December 31, 2021.

In order to see a doctor within our network or be visited at one of the DoctorsinItaly clinics throughout Italy, an appointment is always required. It is easy to schedule an appointment. If you wish to learn more visit our How it works page

Will the doctor give me a prescription?

Yes, if necessary, the doctor will give you a paper prescription that you can use to buy the medicine you need at any pharmacy. If you are having a video consultation online, your prescription will be sent over email. Some medications contain controlled substances and may require the original hard copy of the doctor’s prescription, so if you need a refill make sure to specify it in your request to avoid being disappointed.

Where can I get a COVID test in Padua?

You can easily find and book an appointment at a testing location in Padua in a minute. Visit our COVID swab test dedicated page and find the closest testing site. Use our referral coupon to get a Covid PCR test for EUR 55 and rapid test for EUR 22.

Can I see a doctor in Padua on a Sunday or after hours?

Yes, you can! DoctorsinItaly uses an app that doctors have on their personal phone, so it’s open 24/7. If you send a request, the doctors will offer their first available slot. If you need to see a doctor after hours or during a weekend or holiday, we suggest to extend your request also to house call options and virtual care. The medical offices may be closed, but the doctors are still willing to help you when you need it.

Is this a service for tourists?

Yes and no. We care about giving fellow travelers fast and easy access to care, but doesn’t everyone value convenient and caring medical assistance? Doctors in Italy is built for everyone who expects fast and efficient care, with great doctors who speak English and other languages. Doctors in the network will do their very best to keep you healthy in the short and long run, whether you are a local resident, a student in Padua, an expat, a globetrotter, a backpacker, a digital nomad, a recently relocated family, a business traveler, a design week guest, or anything in between. We focus on the international community in Padua and Italy, but also assist Italian patients on a regular basis. If you speak Italian, you can try our video consultation service Tivisito.