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Easier than going to the nearest hospital

Wait times at the Italian ER can be longer than 5 hours for minor issues.

When you need to see a doctor while visiting Italy, you don’t want to wait hours at a foreign hospital’s ER. 

If you fall sick, DoctorsinItaly helps you see quickly a doctor who speaks your language. 

Urgent issues sorted out today

DoctorsinItaly is a healthcare marketplace designed for expats and tourists in Italy. 

It works 24/7 and lets you book a same-day appointment with a doctor in your area, who speaks English and can give you time and attention. At a fair price. 


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No need to download any app, or call any doctors.

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On DoctorsinItaly you can find assistance for:

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A space for sharing our experience by answering questions others like you have asked before.

Where can I find a hospital near me open now?

If someone is at immediate risk of death and needs life-saving interventions, you can alert emergency services through the European emergency number 112.
Calling from a landline or mobile telephone is free of charge.
This multilanguage service, coordinated in Italy by the Carabinieri Corps, can be used throughout Europe to request for help. 

Here is a list of all Italian hospitals with an Emergency Department, provided by the Italian Ministry of Health. You can easily find a hospital nearby. 

What should you go to the nearest ER for?

As an example, anyone who is experiencing any of the following, should go (or be brought) to the closest hospital in Italy, immediately:

– difficulty (or lack) of breathing

– chest pain

– severe headache or head injury

– loss of consciousness (a person who is not responding)

– open wounds with evident bleeding that cannot be stopped

– accidents

– sudden difficulty in speaking, numbness or weakness in arms or legs on the same side

– burns, suffocation, drowning  or poisoning

To walk-in to the closest ER for less severe issues may seem like a good idea.

Please be aware that if you are not in a life-threatening condition, in distress, or severely injured, you are likely to spend the day waiting at the ER, just to get a few minutes with a very busy doctor. 

The dramatic increase in tourism in Italy, in particular from May to September, causes a significant impact on hospitals’ emergency rooms. 

A correct use of ERs is part of being a better, more responsible tourist in Italy.  Here you can find more information about the correct use of emergency services in Italy

How can I find a doctor who speaks English at the hospital near me?

When you walk-in at a hospital ER you cannot know in advance if the doctor who sees you will speak English.
On DoctorsinItaly you are guaranteed to find a doctor fluent in English. Only doctors who speak fluent English are allowed to use the platform. Each doctor is carefully vetted before being eligible to join in.

I need to see a doctor available today, can I use DoctorsinItaly?

Yes. DoctorsinItaly connects you 24/7 with doctors who speak English, across Italy. Your request will reach all closest English-speaking providers, within minutes. Available providers will offer a time to see you, so you can pick an option that works for you. Find out more about how it works >

What is the cost to see a doctor?

Each doctor is a single professional and can set the fee for the services he or she provides. DoctorsinItaly checks that they are the same as what local patients pay. Booking the appointment is free of charge for you, there is no extra charge. Find out more>

Can I use EHIC on DoctorsinItaly or access free public health services?

No, you can only book private services through DoctorsinItaly. EHIC, Tessera Sanitaria, or other forms of free or subsidised health assistance are available only at public hospitals or medical centres accredited with the National Healthcare in Italy.