I solemnly swear that I am up to no good, or: how the internet plans to defeat Coronavirus

The generosity of mankind is unmeasurable. Seriously. During these mirthless times, DoctorsinItaly received a large number of thoughtful, heartwarming messages from all over the world from patients who had received help via our platform and still kindly remember us. Even people that we have never personally met decided to send a message of solidarity, and […]

Serena Williams in Rome

Exercise Tips From Serena Williams We know that some days leaving the house is a real challenge, let alone working out.  The real problem is not lack of strength, but lack of motivation.  So before you subscribe for three-months at the gym, find that motivation, the driver that will make you stick with your exercising […]

Expat Series: Interview with Journalist Erica Firpo

Expat Series: Interview with Journalist Erica Firpo We got the chance to sit down and have a nice chat with this brilliant Rome-based American Travel Writer, BBC Localite, Instagram pioneer and journalist.  You may know her from publications such as Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Telegraph. After many years in Rome, where she lives with her husband […]