Exercise Tips From Serena Williams

We know that some days leaving the house is a real challenge, let alone working out. 

The real problem is not lack of strength, but lack of motivation. 

So before you subscribe for three-months at the gym, find that motivation, the driver that will make you stick with your exercising goals. 

Read though as you may find some of these tips useful.

An afternoon at the Vatican Museums, a scheduled sightseeing tour of the city, an amazing meal at that top rated Tripadvisor Italian restaurant and your working out schedule is soon to be broken.  

After all you are here for visiting, not exercising in Rome!

Your new semester schedule packed with classes, the upcoming finals at school, stalking your new romance target all seems more urgent than subscribing to a gym while studying abroad in Rome.

A stressful week at work, a fun aperitivo with your new friends, a new episode of Game of Thrones on TV… Getting up ain’t that easy when the couch is so cozy and your sweatpants are just so comfortable.

These all seem very valid reasons. Whatever your case is, ditch your excuses and start exercising in Rome!

Everyone knows that exercising has countless health benefits, yet many (including me) find it difficult to stick with a fitness routine. So how do you find motivation when it is one of those lazy days?

We asked our lovely friend and tennis super-hero Serena Williams for a piece of advice. 

Serena Williams conquered Rome for the 4th time today (2016), gaining her 70th victory with a gorgeous smile on her face. Who better than her can help you stay fit?


These all seem very valid reasons. Whatever your case is, ditch your excuses and start exercising in Rome!

Find a workout buddy

Choose your workout partner wisely as you will be (hopefully) spending lots of time together!

Your partner will be the one to drag you out of bed in the darkest morning and the one to keep you running for that extra mile. Choose one that knows how to insist and will not take your “no” for an answer.

You may also consider joining a social group online to stay motivated. 

Seeing their success could stimulate you to do more. Also, it’s nice to have someone to cheer with you for your successful training.

Choose a workout buddy who knows how to insist and will not take your “no” for an answer.

Find the activity for you

There are countless opportunities for you out there, you just have to find the one that keeps you going. 

There is nothing wrong with trying: tennis, yoga, crossfit… you name it! Walking your dog at a higher pace (if she can keep the rhythm!) can also do the trick for a painless start!

In general, prefer walking to public transportation or driving whenever possible, and don’t miss the chance to organize fun outdoor activities with your friends.

Tip: A hike in the parks of Rome is a great option to exercise without even noticing.

Make new friends

Did you just move to Rome and are looking for an excuse to get to know the locals? 

Mingling at a happy hour is sure fun, but your body will thank you for choosing a healthier option! Join a gym in your neighborhood, sign up for classes and socialize! 

Making new friends will encourage you to meet your monthly goals and, why not, perhaps help you learn the language too!

Visualize the benefits of exercising

The benefits of doing sports and exercising are many, you just have to find the ones that matter to you. 

Do you long for that beautiful straight posture your fit friends have? Do you wish to be stronger and not end up breathless after a 20 second run? 

Are you trying to fit in your old high school pants? Are you trying to get rid of those few pounds you gained during your first months in Italy?

Working out daily can help you burn off the extra calories, be stronger, healthier and a more confident version of you. Visualize a fitter you and let that thought drive you.

Keep track of your progress

Every single improvement on your performance is a great victory. If you track your workout you will be able to celebrate your victories along the way. 

This will keep you motivated and help you gain your well deserved self rewards.

Well done! Now reward yourself!

Nothing makes us more motivated than knowing that the hard work has paid off. 

Set reasonable goals and reward yourself when you meet them! Cannot stop thinking about that pair of shoes in Via del Corso? 

Have you been craving Pizza and suppli`? Gradually add intensity to your goals, but don’t forget your treat afterwards!

We wish to thank beautiful Serena Williams for being so helpful and for her important part in motivating us to get fit.

DoctorsinItaly Team

This article was written, curated, and updated by the DoctorsinItaly team, as part of our efforts to share relevant and current information on health and wellness related topics, as well as on life as an expat or traveler in Italy.