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English speaking doctors in Italy

Booking is simple and quick

No-stress booking and immediate assistance. All doctors speak English fluently.

See a doctor without waiting for as low as 20€

You can see a great doctor in minutes at regular local fees. Feel better faster and get back to your travels. 

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How it works

First submit your request

No sign-up required

Just tap on "See a doctor" and take the short intake questionnaire.

Second receive offers


You'll be matched to the best English-speaking doctors. You get an email or WhatsApp with the appointment offers.


See reviews from verified international patients, compare fees and pick the appointment you prefer.

No hidden costs... and no surprises!

With DoctorsinItaly you’ll always know the cost of the consultation before booking. Each doctor sets their own fees, and booking is free of charge!

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saved 10,560,000 minutes

Use DoctorsinItaly and start saving time

Video visit with online doctor

See a doctor online.
Get a prescription via email with a video consultation

You can get a prescription from an Italian doctor within minutes for as little as €20! 

English-speaking primary care and board certified specialists are available 24/7 for virtual care.

Get to the point quicker and start feeling better. 

⊗ Controlled substances cannot be prescribed through an online consultation

Doctors who mentor international students

The doctors in our network undergo rigorous clinical quality and customer experience evaluation.

But they are not just great clinicians!

They are part of a global community of healthcare professionals in a borderless world. 

Hundreds of future doctors from US Colleges joined the DoctorsinItaly Fellowship Program and traveled to Italy to learn from our doctors.