English speaking Doctors in Italy

Remember Italy, not the headache

A modern platform that lets you find English-speaking doctors near you. Book online and see a doctor today.

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You didn't come to Italy to get sick. Yet it happens.
There are thousands of caring and competent doctors in Italy.
We help you find — quickly and for free — the ones who speak English and are available.

See a doctor, ditch the waiting

Wouldn’t you rather explore the city than wait for hours at the urgent care center? 
Average waiting times at the emergency room for non-emergency conditions range between 4 and 5 hours. 
Your time is better spent elsewhere. 

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How it works


Your request is sent to the best English-speaking doctors in your area


When a doctor offers you an appointment time, you receive a message


Compare time, fee, and distance and pick the appointment you prefer

Go to the doctor, or get the doctor to come to you

If you don’t feel like going out to see the doctor, let your thumb do the walking. 

Tap and contact doctors in your area who make house calls.

Are you a doctor in Italy?
Get the app that helps patients find you.

Are you a great doctor who loves to help people? Let us connect you to travelers and expats in your area who need your assistance. You'll see patients from all over the world, at your office or at their place.

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