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When you're far from your doctor

Got sick in Italy? Find an English-speaking doctor 24/7, in under 5 minutes.

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English speaking doctors in Italy

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Don't let language barriers stop you!
Book same-day appointment with great doctors who speak English.

Pay for yourself, ditch the waiting

To see a great local doctor in Italy is surprisingly affordable. See the prices before booking and avoid long waits and misunderstandings at public hospitals.

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How it works

First submit your request

Submit a request

No log in or sign-up required. Click on "See a doctor" and take the short survey.

Second receive offers


You'll be matched to the best English-speaking doctors. You get an email or WhatsApp with the appointment offers.


See reviews from other international patients, compare fees and pick the appointment you prefer.

No hidden costs... and no surprises!

With DoctorsinItaly you’ll always know the cost of the consultation before booking.

Each doctor sets her own fees, and booking is free of charge!

See a doctor online
Get a prescription via email with a video consultation

Video visit with online doctor

You can get a prescription from an Italian doctor within minutes for as little as €20!

English-speaking primary care and board certified specialists are available 24/7 for virtual care. 

Get to the point quicker and start feeling better. 

Need a Covid test?

Covid testing is available in more than 250 testing sites throughout Italy.
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Go to the doctor, or get the doctor to come to you

If you don’t feel like going out, tap and contact doctors in your area who make house calls. It costs less than what you’d expect!

Doctors who mentor international students

The doctors in our network are not only great clinicians. 

They are part of a global community of healthcare professionals in a digital borderless world. 

Future doctors from US Colleges join the DoctorsinItaly Fellowship Program and travel to Italy to learn from our doctors.