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Rome / Genoa / Milan

The DoctorsinItaly Fellowship is a unique experiential learning program dedicated to undergraduate students from all over the world on a path to become healthcare professionals.

The Fellowship combines clinical rotations at some of the best hospitals in Italy with cultural discovery experiences.

We create strong emotions, personal growth, professional development, cultural immersion, lifelong friendships, and a global community of current and future healthcare professionals.

As City Manager, you will be the main responsible for the success of all the Fellowship Programs in your city. 

You will be the go-to person for all the students in the city, the person who organizes their weekly schedule, coordinates with partners and providers, leads the students and communicates with them constantly, acting as a point of reference and a mentor.

The DoctorsinItaly Fellowship Program

About DoctorsinItaly

DoctorsinItaly is a purpose-driven startup, founded in 2018 and accelerated by Bocconi University’s startup program.

The post-pandemic world is increasingly digital and borderless, and people will be working, traveling, studying, and living wherever they wish. 

Within our mission to lower the language and cultural barriers in healthcare, we created the DoctorsinItaly Fellowship ─ an exciting experiential learning program bringing international students to Italy to shadow doctors and experience Italian culture and lifestyle.

Students get early exposure to clinical practice in a multicultural environment, building cultural awareness, empathy and professional connections that will accompany them throughout their lives.

About the job

We are looking for a quick thinking and reliable professional with a background in education / event management / travel, paired with excellent people skills, fluent English and Italian, and a very good knowledge of either Rome, Genoa, or Milan.

You will be leading the City Management Team, managing groups of 10 to 20 university students who come to Italy for the Fellowship Program. 

They will be splitting their days between observation at our partner hospital and discovering Italy through cultural immersion and travel. 

You will organize and oversee all their activities and act as a group leader, mentor, and main responsible for their safety and well-being during the program.

You will report to the Program Manager and will lead the City Coordinators in the city, making sure that local operations run smoothly, programs are well planned and executed, and that all participants are safe, thriving, and having a fantastic experience.



  • Manage groups of students attending observational activities at our partner hospital, providing on-site coordination and acting as a liaison with the doctors and staff
  • Plan and oversee hospital rotations, based on the guidelines agreed with the Program Manager, in accordance with the hospital administration
  • Plan and arrange housing, airport pick-up, transportation, tours, group meals, and other events with the students
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of the students, providing information, guidance, and support when needed. This requires 24/7 availability in case of emergency
  • Conduct welcome presentations and informational sessions.
  • Monitor political, health, safety, and security conditions in your assigned city and alert the Risk Management Team of any health or safety concerns
  • Manage the budget and expenses of the city you are assigned, generating daily and weekly reports 
  • Maintain consistent communication with all levels of the organization, including partner hospitals, universities, and student families when needed
  • Develop and maintain relationships with local providers and partners

Desired Skills and Experience

We are looking for a quick thinking and reliable professional with excellent organization and people skills, fluent English and Italian, and a good knowledge of one of these cities: Rome, Genoa, or Milan.

  • Mandatory to have relevant experience in either hospitality, event management, education, travel, or customer service
  • Fluent or Native in Italian and English
  • Passion for working with a young crowd, and ability to tune-in and communicate with them
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to handle multiple priorities at once
  • Strong sense of urgency with high priority tasks and able to meet deadlines
  • Proven experience in creating and delivering innovative and exciting events and activities
  • High attention to detail, problem-solving, and teamwork skills
  • Comfortable with taking the lead in a situation and engaging positively
  • Demonstrated ability to promote and respect diversity
  • Passion and curiosity for international experiences, travel, and cultural discovery
  • Outstanding work ethics, trustworthiness, and obsession with meeting high standards 
  • Calm under pressure, able to manage crisis situations, negotiations, and confrontation 


  • 2000 euro/month salary + bonus
  • Transportation, group meals, and excursions fully covered
  • One week training and team building in-person in April
  • Full time contract from mid-April to mid-August
  • Long-term contract offer and growth plan in case of outstanding performance

DoctorsinItaly is an equal opportunities employer. We make recruiting decisions based on your experience and skills, not on your age, gender, sex, preferences, religion, ethnicity, lifestyle, or on any part of your identity. We value your commitment to growth, your work ethics, and your empathy towards others.

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