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Ambulatory Nurse

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Full-time / Part-time



We are seeking an outstanding and hard working Ambulatory Nurse to oversee the daily operations of our new international clinic in Rome.

About Us

DoctorsinItaly is an innovative health-care platform making quality care more accessible for the international community of travelers, expatriates, and digital nomads in Italy. 

The post-pandemic world is increasingly digital and borderless, and people will be working, traveling, studying, and living wherever they wish. 

Our approach to health care combines people-centered design, smart use of technology, and internationally trained providers who go the extra mile to meet the needs of each patient. 

Our patients have access to same-day appointments, virtual care consultations, attentive and thorough follow up.

Our new multi-specialty clinic in Rome ─ one of our 12 locations in Italy ─ offers comprehensive care at calming offices in the heart of the city center, and is specifically dedicated to the  international community in Rome.

Services provided include: primary care, family medicine, and health check-ups, consultations with specialists in internal medicine, gynaecology, cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, orthopaedics, neurology, dermatology, plastic surgery, and more.

Every day, we are driven by our mission to simplify and streamline the healthcare journey, combining qualified medical assistance with speed and convenience, and lowering the language and cultural barriers to accessing healthcare.

What you will be working on

As Ambulatory Nurse you will be responsible for the smooth and effective running of the clinic throughout the day, working with non-emergency patients who require routine medical care for acute and chronic illnesses.

The clinic is in a beautiful location in central Rome, fully renovated, with 3 consultation rooms. The clinical workload is limited, so that the quality of care and attention to patients can be a top priority.

Running a clinic requires you to wear many hats, so you must have adaptability and excellent decision-making skills.

You will interact daily with doctors, patients, and their families to make sure excellent care is provided at all stages, creating positive relationships based on trust and genuine dedication.

You will coordinate the work of doctors and consultants, plan the daily schedule of the clinic, keep clinical records and paperwork appropriately filed, ensure billing and invoicing are accurate. 

You will effectively call the shots at the clinic, oversee and train providers on internal guidelines, and ensure a family-like atmosphere is maintained.

You will assist with procedures, when necessary, providing basic nursing care.

Besides collaborating with providers, you will be working solo, with no other nursing staff at the clinic. 

You will be at the forefront of the clinic, representing the brand and its values in all your interactions.

You will be an ambassador for our patients, working directly with them via messaging tools, email, and over the phone, as well as liaising with internal and external stakeholders on their behalf.

Your day to day

  • Liaising with healthcare professionals to ensure optimal care
  • Organizing the daily schedule, consultation rooms, and appointment bookings 
  • Reception and communication with patients and their families at all stages of care
  • Overseeing clinic operations and taking action to make sure they run smoothly
  • Fully understanding each patient’s case from a technical and personal viewpoint
  • Guaranteeing the respect of hygienic norms and the internal regulation
  • Treating patients in-office as well as during occupational health checks at partner companies
  • Conducting occasional tele-health visits and home-visits
  • Managing the clinic’s billing and insurance claims, and liaising with patients and insurance providers
  • Ordering supplies, equipment, and medications needed for the clinic and managing inventory
  • Overseeing the purchasing, maintenance, and repair of clinic equipment
  • Taking care of bureaucratic needs and duties
  • Developing procedures to deliver optimal patient care 
  • Guaranteeing timely and appropriate communication with patients
  • Working collaboratively with the consulting physicians to identify, develop, and implement an appropriate plan of care that maximizes individual patient preference and enhances quality, access, and outcomes
  • Organizing customary laboratory, radiological and diagnostic studies per practice protocols
  • Differentiating between normal/abnormal findings and following protocols for abnormal findings
  • Performing procedures, such as EKG, blood glucose monitoring, intravenous fluid therapy, wound care, phlebotomy, etc.
  • Providing individualized and thorough patient care instructions for self/home care, and insight and advice on navigating the public healthcare system when required
  • Completing patient follow-up checks to evaluate patient care and collect feedback
  • Using tools such as Asana, Whatsapp, G-Suite, and email to interact with patients and with colleagues and to complete the daily tasks
  • Reporting to Clinic Owners on issues, improvement recommendations, and growth opportunities
  • Managing internal and external communications, and answering queries about the clinic

Who you are

  • You have a passion for healthcare and you genuinely care about others
  • You have at least 2 years of experience in patient facing service roles
  • You wish to have a more managerial and less hands-on role in healthcare
  • You have strong written and verbal communication skills, impeccable English fluency and a good knowledge of Italian
  • You have stellar communication and interpersonal skills, you’re patient, kind, and reliable, and you’re eager to help and support our patients and your colleagues
  • You are proficient in computer technology such as typing, navigating the internet and using multiple software simultaneously
  • You are focused, calm, and confident even under pressure
  • You are a self-starter capable of working independently, you multitask like a pro, you’re a strong believer in individual accountability, initiative, proactivity and autonomy
  • You have exceptional organizational and time management skills and a keen eye for details
  • You understand that speed matters and you get things done to move forward
  • You combine procedures and guidelines with your own problem solving skills to tackle challenges
  • You take pride in completing your work with impeccable attention and improving your results month-over-month
  • You are honest, moral, genuine, and principled
  • You are unstoppable, you persevere through change and adversity until the job is done — and done flawlessly
  • You have the attitude and ability to collaborate in a small interdisciplinary team and to thrive in a dynamically evolving and informal environment
  • You are passionate about your work, you bring a lot of energy and you like what you do, even on bad days
  • You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty: you do anything that needs to be done

What working with us looks like

This is a magnificent opportunity to join an organisation which is investing in its frontline staff, taking on a role of responsibility and leadership.

We started DoctorsinItaly with friends and family and those are the kind of relationships we want to maintain, however big we grow. 

The clinic which you will be in charge of is a flagship of our values of care, kindness, and international mindset.

You’ll learn a lot in a very short time, both through studying internal procedures and through hands-on training. Your role will grow with you, and will give you a chance to develop your managerial skills.

Your everyday work will make the difference and you will be an essential part of the team.

You will play a key role in making healthcare more accessible, and in eliminating language and cultural barriers in Italy.

Benefits and Commitment

  • Full time, long term (part-time option available)
  • Monday through Friday schedule at 40 hours per week
  • Competitive Salary
  • +15% pay rise after just one year
  • 26 days annual leave + parental leave
  • Free online therapy: we want you to be happy and at your best!
  • UpToDate subscription
  • Free books and budget to attend and speak at conferences if the opportunity arises
  • Drinks, snacks, fresh fruit in the office

DoctorsinItaly is an equal opportunities employer. We make recruiting decisions based on your skills, not on your age, gender, sex, preferences, religion, ethnicity, lifestyle, or on any part of your identity. We value your commitment to growth, your work ethics, and your empathy towards others.

At DoctorsinItaly we respect all species. There’s always a place for your furry friends at our office.

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