Airplane ear: 5 detailed tips to pop your ear (that work like a charm)

illustration of two airplanes

You are about to land in Rome, at the end of a long flight, ready to enjoy the city tours and the local Dolce Vita. You are tired and sleepy and you suddenly notice that your ear feels clogged and muffled.  You wait for that familiar “pop” that won’t come.  The miracle of ear popping […]

Flying while pregnant: Myths & Facts

pregnant travel in Italy

Are you and your unborn baby planning a trip? Don’t be discouraged by all the scared faces around you! Check our brief guide for safely traveling with a belly, for all future mothers who just won’t stay put. Pregnancy doesn’t need to prevent women from pursuing their passion! Tweet Is it safe for pregnant women […]

How To Treat A Jellyfish Sting In Italy

Got a jellyfish sting? It’s easier than you may think! Jellyfish causes most marine envenomations (that’s the technical term for the poisonous sting). There are more than 100 species of jellyfish (“Medusa” in Italian). The most common in Italy is called rhizostoma pulmo, aka the barrel jellyfish. Recently another species has become a regular in the […]

Tick Bite: Symptoms, Prevention and Removal

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Lyme disease in Italy – How to avoid freaking out after a tick bite​ Is there Lyme disease in Italy? According to the Italian Health Ministry the most affected regions are in the north: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Liguria, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Trentino Alto Adige, while the south of Italy reported few cases. Recent studies demonstrated […]

Walking Rome: How to Avoid Injuries on Cobblestones

walking rome and its cobblestones

Walking Rome: How to Avoid Injuries on Cobblestones Walking Rome from end to end is an excellent method for travelers and expatriates alike to get to know a new city. Start early in the morning before the city rush-hour begins and you’ll have the city all to yourself.   Or take an evening walk during […]

Travel tips for Italy. How To Stay Healthy While Traveling Il Belpaese

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling In Italy Peggy Ryan, a frequent visitor to Rome and an expat living in Italy, is a friend of DoctorsinItaly and an international educator working with American students visiting Italy to travel and study. She also runs a travel blog called Gracefully Global.  We’ve asked her to share the most common […]

Traveling In Italy While Pregnant: How To Prevent Varicose Veins

Traveling In Italy While Pregnant: How To Prevent Varicose Veins Are you planning on traveling in Italy during your pregnancy and suffering from varicose veins? This common side effect of pregnancy hormones is especially uncomfortable during summer months, when it’s too hot to cover up. Gladly there are some preventative measures you can take to […]

Water in Rome

Water in Rome: Can I Drink Tap Water in Rome? All travelers in Rome know how it feels to be thirsty under the Roman sun. Do you know where you can get clean, cold, drinking water in Rome? That’s right, everywhere! The many ever-running fountains in Rome will provide you with fresh water while you […]

Bed Bugs In Italy? What Are Those Red Spots ?

What are those red spots? Are there bed bugs in Rome? One wouldn’t think that an insect whose average size is 0.25 inches can wreck havoc. However, bed bugs do just that. Common in locations where multiple residents live such as hotels, apartments, hostels, Bed-and-Breakfasts and shelters, these small insects can cause great infestations.  Can […]