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 If you are in Italy and need to find a urologist, we can help. Feel at ease and avoid the stress of misunderstandings.

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We know you can’t wait till the next day. Avoid waiting hours at the Emergency Room and get the care you need, now. You can book an appointment online with an English-speaking urologist who can see you on your terms. 

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Urology care for all issues

Either for a urinary tract infection or for a lithotripsy treatment of kidney stones, DoctorsinItaly helps you find urology specialists who provide a full range of urological care. Some are skilled surgeons, others are trained in male infertility but all have consulting and diagnostic skills. 

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A space for sharing our experience by answering questions that others like you have asked before.

Can I choose to see a male or female doctor?

Yes, you choose your doctor. You will know before booking what options are available, and choose the one you are more comfortable with. Find out more about how it works >

Can I see a urologist near me open today?

DoctorsinItaly  is a very fast way to get an appointment 7 days a week, at a doctor’s office or for a home visit. Your request will reach all urologists nearby within minutes. Available providers will offer a time for an appointment, so you can pick the first option. Please be aware that DoctorsinItaly cannot substitute emergency centres in case of life threatening conditions.  Find out more about how it works >

How much will the appointment with a urologist cost me?

Each doctor decides the fees to charge, so prices vary depending on who you choose to see. You will know all the prices before booking, so you can select one that is reasonable. Generally the cost of a urology consultation goes from about 80 euro up to 250 euro approximately. Find out more about the prices >

Can any doctor help me if I need an ultrasound?

Most urologists can do kidney and pelvic ultrasound, but not all of them. Make sure to specify if you are in need of a specific procedure. Doctors will check your request and will only offer an appointment if they can help you, saving you time and money.

Will I get a prescription?

Yes, in case of need, the urologist can give you a paper prescription that you can use to buy the medicine you need at any pharmacy.

When and where are urologists available?

DoctorsinItaly operates 24/7, so you can always send a request. When you send a request through the website, urologists in the area receive it instantly on their mobile phone. You will get their responses as soon as they can reply, so you can choose the time you prefer. Although there is no guarantee that there is a doctor on call, there is a good chance someone will be able to see you, even during weekends and after hours. 

Are STI tests or blood tests included?

No, if you need further tests these will be discussed with the urologist. Some medical specialists are able to run common STI tests, while others may give you a prescription to use at a lab. Find out more about STI testing in Italy >