Blood tests made easy in Italy

If you are in Italy and need to get blood work or other lab analyses done today, we can help. Getting blood tests should be as easy as getting a morning coffee.

Blood test with microscope
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Which blood test do you need today?

The first step if you wish to do a blood test is to see a doctor who understands you, so you can discuss your issue and get a lab order with the list of appropriate lab tests for your case. 

There are more than 1000 different kinds of blood tests, urine and other samples. When you need to get blood work done, the first step is to determine which ones. 

Use the doctor’s lab order to get the tests done at the closest lab and then make an appointment with the doctor to discuss the results.

How labs work in Italy

Most labs do not have English-speaking staff in Italy, so it’s best to carry a a lab order written in Italian to avoid misunderstandings. If you don’t have one, it’s better to see a doctor first. 

For common blood tests and urine tests, labs work only on a walk-in basis. You don’t need to – and usually can’t – make an appointment at a laboratory. 

If you go in the early morning, between 7:30 and 10 a.m., you are very likely to get the blood test you need. 

Results are usually not ready same-day, but in most labs you can request to have the results sent to you via email once they are ready or check the result of you lab test online. 

Make sure to do so while you are still at the lab, as you may need to sign an authorization form in person.

blood tests processed by doctors at a lab
remember to drink water before a blood test

How to prepare for blood tests

Some lab tests may require a special preparation, so ask the doctor who prescribed them to let you know of any special rules to follow. As an alternative, go to the lab and ask them how to prepare for the tests. 

Fasting is not always necessary – many blood tests do not require it – but if you are not sure, an empty stomach is better than having to go back. 

Some tests, such as swabs, cultures, fertility tests and other biological samples, may require an appointment at the lab as they can only be performed under certain conditions, or by specialist doctors.

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A blood test for any issue

Get a doctor’s prescription for your blood work first. Most labs do not provide detailed information online on available lab analysis, and they are very rarely in English.  Seeing a doctor who speaks your language is the first step to make.

Book your appointment with a doctor in no time

If you need a lab order for blood tests in Italy, or you have received the results and need a doctor to see them and explain to you what they mean, we can help you see a doctor!

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A space for sharing our experience by answering questions that others like you have asked before.

Can I book an appointment at a lab with DoctorsinItaly?

DoctorsinItaly cannot book an appointment for you at a lab, currently. Most labs do not need nor permit appointments for blood tests and common sample collection. Please refer to the labs close to you for more detailed information on their booking practices.

How can I find a lab in Italy?

Once you got your doctor’s prescription, the easiest way is to search Google for “laboratorio analisi” near you. You can use this link to start a search for a lab nearby. Once you see the results, check the websites of the ones close to you, to make sure it is not a different type of business that has a laboratory (for example a jeweller’s lab can also appear as “laboratorio” in a search). You can also ask the doctor who saw you to help you find a good labs close-by.

How much do blood tests cost?

It depends on which tests you need to do. A simple blood test can be less than 10 euros, while a rare genetic test can cost more than 400 euros. Each lab sets the price for the tests, the cost may vary depending on the lab’s location and where you are in Italy. You can ask the price directly at the lab before collecting any samples, while it is not common for labs to provide quotations by phone or email.

When will I get the blood test results?

Depending on the blood tests you do, results may be ready in a few hours, or in a few days. Some tests, such as urine cultures and swab cultures may take a week, and other less common tests can require more than 10 days. Make sure to ask the lab when you can expect the results to be ready. For some tests, at some labs, an express procedure is available at an extra cost.

Will the lab send my blood test results to the doctor?

No, usually this is not possible. Privacy concerns regarding sending sensitive data do not allow labs to send the results to anyone but the patient. If you wish you can ask them to send the results to your doctor, but it may be easier for you to receive them directly and forward them to the doctor.

Can I get a strep test at the lab?

Labs in Italy usually do not provide any kind of rapid test. The majority of tests available at a lab, require a few days to get results.  If you need any kind of rapid test you can use our platform and request to see a doctor for this purpose.