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We got the chance to sit down and have a nice chat with this brilliant Rome-based American Travel Writer, BBC Localite, Instagram pioneer and journalist. You may know her from publications such as Forbes, The Huffington


Got a jellyfish sting? It's easier than you may think! Jellyfish causes most marine envenomations (that’s the technical term for the poisonous sting). There are more than 100 species of jellyfish (“Medusa” in It


October 29th is World Stroke Day. Take this chance to learn how to recognize its first warning signs, how to prevent it and help people with a stroke. One day as many others. Sarah was 18 and was at school. She had jus

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If you are afraid of spending your time in Rome sick with the Flu, we prepared some useful information about the next flu season and where to get a flu shot in Rome. But first a few general questions that our patients o

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Genital warts are usually not a topic of common conversation, and it’s not easy to ask questions to your family doctor, friends and relatives about this. So how do you find out how you can treat genital warts? Where d


A simple explanation for tiredness, sore throat and flu-like symptoms could be glandular fever, also known as mononucleosis, or mono, a disease that doctors can diagnose easily with the appropriate tools. Many call it t

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Dear Manuela, while you are getting ready for your master abroad, we are trying to prepare to not having you here with us. We are so happy to see that the road is taking you exactly where you want to go. Throughout yo


A tick bite can occur in any season, but ticks are particularly common from early Spring to late Summer! After long walks in the hot city centre of Rome, who wouldn’t fancy the freshness of hiking in Italy, mayb

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[Update July 2017] The warm season is approaching and, so far, we've felt refreshed by the light winds and sporadic rains. But beware the upcoming of summer in Rome! You'll miss those rains and you'll find yourself l

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An afternoon at the Vatican Museums, a scheduled sightseeing tour of the city, an amazing meal at that top rated Tripadvisor Italian restaurant and your working out schedule is soon to be broken.  After all you are here