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Where To Get Travel Vaccinations in Rome

Does your bucket-list of travel destinations include exotic locations and adventurous gateways? Are you planning the trip of your lifetime and would like everything to run smoothly? Don’t forget that protecting your health is just as important (we dare to say more!) as booking the suite of your dreams!

Disinformation reigns in the field of travel medicine and travelers are often unaware of the risks they are exposing themselves to. A consultation with an expert can help you overcome inconvenient situations and embark for your travels with a peaceful mind!

If you are looking for travel vaccinations in Rome and a doctor that can give you a personal assessment of your risks, we know the place for you.

U.O.C. Centro Vaccinazioni Internazionali e Coordinamento Attività Vaccinale is located in Via Plinio 31 and is specialized in prophylaxis and international vaccinations, as well as diagnosis and cure of travellers’ diseases. Children and adults’ routine vaccinations are also offered. 20 years of experience make the centre a valuable resource for travelers that wish to have a comprehensive offer.

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Travel Clinic in Rome

What services does the travel clinic offer?

The range of vaccinations performed is extremely wide, but the services offered are even wider. The centre performs:

  • Routine vaccinations (flu shots, chicken pox etc,)
  • Specialist and travel vaccinations (etc, anti-yellow fever, anti cholera, HPV vaccine…)
  • Certificates to guarantee that anti-yellow-fever vaccinations have been performed
  • Diagnosis and therapy of travellers’ diseases
  • Monitoring of individuals returning from trips (post-journey infectologist diagnosis)
  • Consultations pre and post trip on major risks related to international travels (infective, environmental, climatic, and behavioral risks)

If you are worried that communication might be a problem, don’t! Since many patients that visit the centre are foreigners, doctors have a basic level of English and will be able to assist you!

We interviewed Doctor Roberto Ieraci, infectious disease specialist and proud director of the centre, to discover more about their practice.

The doctor stresses the urgency of getting informed about vaccinations before traveling and warned us to not fall in the trap of myths surrounding the field of vaccinations!

Tell us a bit about the centre

The centre was born in 1996, that means we have an incredible know how in the field of vaccinations.The local sanitary ASL has supported our centre over the years permitting us to offer an incredible range of performances.  I am an infectologist, so I gave much space to the clinical aspect of travel medicine, both in the period pre-journey and the period post-journey The range of vaccinations offered at the centre is enormous. We can do all travel vaccinations present on the world market for travellers including japanese encephalitis, yellow fever, meningitis, hepatitis, rabies and so on. At our centre we have both a travel clinic and a pediatric department, in which we perform routine vaccinations for children.

What patients visit the centre?

We see all kinds of patients: vacation travelers, businessmen on work trips, immunitary operators, firefighters, and many others. We also treat patients returning from trips.

What should patients expect from their visit at the centre?

The first approach is an infectologist consultation pre-journey, during which patients can communicate the destination of the trip, the length of the trip, and the type of risks they will be exposed to. There are people that like to take risks, for instance consuming street food , sleeping in tents, rafting, or walking for long distances. In several areas of the world these activities can be very dangerous and, too often, travellers are not aware of what their risks are. Thus, the first goal of the consultation is to assess the personal risk of each traveller.

After the consultation, if necessary, together with vaccinations, we prescribe prophylaxis treatments and simple medications to bring along such as insect repellents and disinfectants. We suggest to patients what we call a medicine travel kit.

How long before the trip should a traveller visit the centre?

The optimal time to come for the consultation would be four weeks, but the majority of travellers come from two weeks to two days before their departure. However, vaccinations are administered even if the time is brief because many travellers spend a longer time in the place of destination so the immunitary system has the time to respond.

If you wish to reserve an appointment call the number: 06.6835.4014 and save a spot from Monday to Friday between 7:30 and 11:30am and only on Wednesday and Thursday in the afternoon from 2:30pm to 4:30pm. If time is running short and you prefer to skip the phone call, you can simply walk in during the opening hours.

General information can be found on many official websites, such as CDC or Embassy websites. These sites are extremely useful and fairly simple to use and represent a great tool for obtaining general knowledge on the needed vaccinations and the list of mandatory and suggested vaccines. The trouble is that each traveller has different plans, different expectations from the trip and, consequently, different risks to face. Consulting a doctor specialized in travel medicine is a better option to overcome doubts and concerns, choose the correct travel vaccines and start a safe trip.

If you are not in Rome at the moment and would still like to speak with a doctor, you can try our online consultation service CheckmeApp, rather than googling your symptoms.

Our board certified doctors would be happy to help you assess risks of travelling to any country as well as advise you on the preferred steps to take if you have been exposed without preventive vaccinations.

It is always better to make yourself aware of your travel risks and consult a doctor to clear any doubt. Our job is to ease these decisions and make travelling a stress-free experience, as it should be.

Please be aware that we are not affiliated in any way to them. If you need any further information call the number: +39 06 6835 4014 or walk-in Monday to Friday between 7:30 and 11:30am in Via Plinio 31.

Let a doctor worry about your health and start planning your next getaway!