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Uber line U. U like Useful

Public transportation in Rome can be quite the hassle, but if the only alternative is emptying your pockets on taxis, a bus ride does not sound that bad after all.

As your vacation in Rome is approaching,  you cannot help but think,  “Do I really have to choose among overcrowded metros and buses or expensive taxi fares?”

Not this Christmas! Uber, the popular service that has shattered the transportation industry, has just made the centre of Rome more accessible!


Chances are you have already heard of this app-based service, but you might not know of Uber’s Christmas promotion yet. For two weeks, Uber will set up the Roman line U, with cars  and vans ready to take you to 8 key locations around Rome, chosen through an online contest by Romans themselves. The map below shows the stops of the “Linea U”:

Uber Doctors in Italy

More precisely, the stops are:

  • Piazza Euclide (between Pinciano and Parioli – a fancy residential area)
  • Piazza Fiume (Salario – a lively area of bars and restaurants)
  • Roma Termini (Esquilino, Central Station – the place where your most likely first stop in Rome)
  • San Giovanni (San Giovanni area, with churches, restaurants and a major hospital)
  • Piramide (between Aventino, the elegant center of expat live, and Testaccio, a truly Roman area filled with easy-going restaurants, bars and people)
  • Stazione Trastevere (Trastevere, the foreign students in Rome area, a never sleeping neighbourhood where the young people meet)
  • Sant’Andrea della Valle (Campo de’ Fiori, Sant’Eustachio, two very central locations with bars and nightlife, surrounded by historical buildings)
  • Castel Sant’Angelo (the area called Borgo, the beautiful gate to the Vatican area, close to St. Peter Square)
  • Piazza Mazzini (Prati area, with elegant buildings, shopping, cinemas and theatres)

The experiment started on the 10th of December and will last till the Christmas Eve. Uber’s promotion is not only innovative for the route of Line U, but also because of its cost. A car ride is only 5 euro and the fee can be shared by those using the service! So if you are traveling to Rome with friends or your significant other you may spend less than a bus fair.

How does it work? It is easy!

  1. Download the Uber App on your smartphone
  2. Select one of the 8 stops to begin your car ride
  3. Select the icon Linea U at the bottom of the app
  4. Book your ride and go to the stop!

Now if you are wondering how to reach Doctors in Italy – the English-speaking medical center, through the Uber U line, follow these directions.

There is no stop at the Spanish Steps, where our medical center is located, but it is quite easy to reach us. If you’re in a hurry, you can hop off at the Termini station and take the metro line A for 3 stops until you reach Piazza di Spagna.

If, instead, you are in the mood for a walk in the most beautiful area of the city center, you can get off at Sant’Andrea della Valle and walk for about 15 minutes, passing by the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, the Trevi Fountain and Montecitorio, little beauties like Piazza delle Coppelle and Piazza Sant’Ignazio, or just walk straight along Via del Corso for some window shopping on your way.


What are you waiting for? The city centre is now just a few steps away!