------------------------ Thyroid Ultrasound - Doctors in Italy ------------------------


An ultrasound of the thyroid produces a picture of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is located in front of the neck just below the Adam’s apple and is shaped like a butterfly, with two lobes on either side of the neck connected by a narrow band of tissue. It is one of nine endocrine glands located throughout the body that make and send hormones into the bloodstream. Thyroid ultrasound can assess the size and shape of this gland or to locate nodules, to help your doctor correlate the results with their examination or with blood exam that may suggest an alteration in function of the thyroid gland.

How the scan is done?

You will be asked to lie on your back with a small pillow beneath your shoulders and neck.The thyroid will be measured and assessed for nodules or cysts.

How do I prepare?

There is no preparation for this test. If you are on thyroid medication please continue to take it.