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Thank you, Manuela!

Dear Manuela,

while you are getting ready for your master abroad, we are trying to prepare to not having you here with us. We are so happy to see that the road is taking you exactly where you want to go. Throughout your travels, take some time to think where you want to be next. You’ll definitely get there!

We know you’ll never lack options in your future career, and we are gearing for a fierce competition for having you in the team. This is the challenge we’ll be preparing for in the next 12 months. To gain some initial advantage, we want to make sure no one knows about your many qualities, so this post will be our little secret, ok?

We had the chance to meet you at the very beginning of your professional path, as a bright young graduate looking for experience. Since day one, you have been so very serious and professional that we forgot you were just starting.

In time, we’ve seen you grow so much, become more confident every day, take charge and become a true manager.

In spite of your young age, you have the character and skills to lead a team, with your gentle approach and firm intention. We see now that you are ready for any new challenge and eager to get on with the next one.

During your time with us, we have learned a lot from you as well, and you have been able to make us better without even trying. You have been essential for our growth and success, and we are happy to know you’ve been part of it. This is something that you will not forget.

Manuela e SerenaWe’ve been so lucky to benefit from your kindness with colleagues and patients alike, your ability to keep calm and lucid in an emergency, your readiness to act without delay and do anything necessary to obtain the desired result, your responsibility and genuine care.


More than anything else, we wouldn’t want our competitors to know how you made us feel relaxed and carefree, as we knew we could fully count on you and trust you to make the right choices.

You will bring with you in your travels ahead all the stories of people you met, when they were in need and you were able to help them, the things you learned from us, from the job and from yourself in this experience.

We wish you to find joy and growth in your travels. Don’t forget that you will always be part of our team.

Somewhere down the line, we hope you’ll be back in the team with new ideas and all the experiences you’ll have acquired. We’ll use this time to make sure we are ready to offer you a challenge worthy of your energy.

Nadia and Francesco.