------------------------ KUB ULTRASOUND - Doctors in Italy ------------------------


A KUB ultrasound (kidneys,ureters,bladder) allows to assess the size, shape, and location of the kidneys and may provide information about the bladder wall (e.g. the presence of diverticula or tumors), the size of the prostate and the presence of stones.

How the scan is done?

The examination is performed with the patient lying on her/his back on the examination table. The doctor will apply a special gel on the skin and will move the probe on your abdomen. between the umbilicus and the pubic bone. The image is viewed and interpreted in real time. To assess how much urine the bladder holds when it’s full and how much remains in the bladder after you are done urinating (called the post-void residual), you will be asked to use the restroom after the first scan, then the bladder is imaged a second time.

How do I prepare?

This exam does not require fasting or bowel preparation. For diagnostic purposes a full bladder is essential for the exam. You will need to drink at least four glasses of water one hour prior to the exam. Do not empy your bladder. If you have a problem holding your bladder full you may arrive ahead of time, to drink your water at the clinic. If you feel the bladder is very uncomfortably full, please void some urine to relieve the pressure but try not to empty the bladder.