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Hospitals in Rome Map

How To Find The Closest Hospital In Rome

As a traveler in a new city, or as a recently arrived expat resident in Rome, you may be wondering where you could find a Hospital, if you ever need one. This map will give you directions to the closest Emergency Room, General Hospital or Specialty Unit in Rome (Stroke Unit, Pediatrics, Eye Care).

Do you need to find the closest hospital or waiting room in Rome? We’ve compiled a list of the best hospitals in Rome in an easy-to-use map below. Select the type of view you are interested in (you can hide or show layers) and click on the symbols for more information on the hospital.

Hospitals Map

This map was created with the aim of helping patients find directions, orient among the many facilities in Rome, direct their families and their taxi drivers to the nearest and most appropriate hospital responding to their immediate needs.

If your medical needs can wait for a visit with an English speaking specialist, you can find a doctor in Rome in an outpatient clinic like Doctors in Italy. After all, if you are not in an emergency situation it’s better to have a scheduled appointment (in most cases on the same day) rather than sitting in an ER for hours waiting to be seen after all the actual emergency patients have been taken care of.

If you need non-emergency medical care, medical advice, a visit with a general practitioner, a specialist consultation, blood tests, lab analyses, ultrasound, diagnostic imaging or other procedures that do not require hospitalization, you may want to consider finding an outpatient clinic with English Speaking doctors where you can schedule an appointment on short notice.

* If you wish to contribute to the map, we would be happy to take your suggestion. Please contact us through www.doctorsinitaly.com

** The information provided is derived from public sources. Extensive effort has been exerted to make this map as accurate as possible. However the authors do not warrant that the information contained is complete and accurate, and they cannot be held liable for any errors, omissions or for results deriving from the use of such information.

If you are wondering which Hospital is in your area and where to go, search for your position in the map, check where is the closest Emergency Room or look for a Specialty Unit.