------------------------ GP/Primary Care Consultations - Doctors in Italy ------------------------



If you need a doctor while you are in Rome, we are able to meet your independent health care needs in a professional and relaxed environment. We offer GP/Primary care consultations on a convenient and readily accessible basis, same-day ‘one off’ appointments or as your regular private GP/Primary care physician.
  • Acute illnesses such as colds, fevers, sore throat and UTIs
  • Ear and eye problems (specialist referrals are then usually advised)
  • Lumps and bumps
  • Pain
  • Skin problems
  • Private blood tests
  • New medications or refill prescriptions
  • Fit-to-fly and Fit-to-work certificates
Italian NHS provides a high level of service for visitors and Italian doctors are well trained. Nonetheless the public hospital system can be slow and you may have to wait hours or days for a procedure to be done. Moreover, although English proficiency levels have improved in Italy in the the past years, Italians are still far behind most Europeans, ranking #22 out of #27 in the last EF-EPI report.Layer-1391 Since communication is critical for successful relationships between patients and physicians, linguistic competence is essential to guarantee accurate collection of data and avoid medical or prescription errors due to language issues. The full range of medicalĀ services we offer can save valuable hours to people with minor illnesses, needing rapid access to care, such as tourists, busy commuters or those not registered with an NHS GP. In most cases we find we are able to meet our patients needs fully. Occasionally, however, specialist referral is necessary and we have access to a wide network of experienced private specialists, working at our facility in one of Rome’s most elegant streets: Via Frattina.