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Your English speaking cardiologist in the Heart of Rome!

We recognize that in Rome there is a need for a fast, high-quality and cost-effective cardiology service for English speaking patients. Here at Doctors in Italy, we offer the most important checks and tests which will help you find out how your heart is doing. The following cardiac investigations are available at our clinic:
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) and ECG 24 hours continuous monitoring (Holter)
  • Adult transthoracic color-Doppler Echocardiogram
  • Vascular ultrasound
  • Blood tests with accurate and fast results.
All cardiac tests, ultrasound scans, blood tests and consultations are performed on site for a one-stop service!
English speaking cardiologist


What you can expect from a cardiologist consultation at our Clinic:
  • Consultation and physical exam led by world class, English-speaking cardiologists, for as long as necessary. You will have the opportunity to discuss your health concerns.
  • On-site tests will allow us rapid access to results.
  • Advice on lifestyle and reducing risk factors.
  • A personalised report and action plan.
Our English speaking cardiologist based in our clinic in Rome city centre, is fully trained to assess your heart conditions and identify and prevent potential issues.