------------------------ Emergency ------------------------

Emergency medical needs that cannot wait for a normal appointment, must be treated in an emergency department. You can alert the public ambulance by calling the 118 toll free from any phone. Please be aware that we offer urgent care and walk-in visits (i.e. without appointments) but we do not treat emergencies.
If you are looking for an Emergency Room in Rome (pronto soccorso in Italian) you can use the map below as a reference to find the closest Hospital. Be aware that not all hospitals in Italy have an emergency room. If you have specific medical needs, like ophthalmic (eye care), pediatric emergency or you need a stroke unit or a coronary care unit you can select the appropriate layer in the map to find the closest one. If you call a public ambulance they will select your destination, but if you are going by yourself or with a taxi, you need to be aware of what is the best hospital in Rome for your needs. If you are going by yourself and you are not in a life-threatening situation, you can select the Emergency Room in Rome with the shortest queue. You will find more information and a useful tool here in our post on how to find an Emergency Room with short waiting time.