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Diagnostic technologies and instruments are the most effective tool a doctor can use for helping a patient. Combining a thorough examination with the patient’s history and with the results of diagnostic procedures is the foundation of effective medical assistance.

The symptoms of many different illnesses are very similar, and looking at the external signs can be misleading.

The best doctors are always concerned with finding the underlying cause of the patient’s discomfort, so they can prescribe the proper cure.

If you need diagnostics in Rome, either for a pre-existing condition, a new set of symptoms, a follow up of a procedure or exploratory tests for helping your doctor assess your health, contact us and we will do our best to help you.

We make use of the latest technologies, offering a complete set of tests for most common diagnostic needs, including blood tests, urine tests, microbiological sample analyses, ultrasound, diagnostic imaging, CT scan, MRI and more.

Our diagnostic services include:

Blood tests Ultrasound Hospital care