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On first impact, Rome may seem like a city of indulgences - with pasta, pizza, gelato and free-flowing wine around every corner - but Italians have long benefitted from their healthy, balanced lifestyles and enjoy some

Health insurance for Students in Italy +

HEALTH INSURANCE FOR STUDENTS IN ITALY: WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS? Here is a summary of the options for health insurance for students in Italy Register with the Italian NHS, get a Tessera Sanitaria and rely on Public H

Healthcare in Italy +

IS HEALTHCARE FREE IN ITALY? Healthcare in Italy is not free, but the fees are usually quite reasonable and Emergency Medical Assistance is provided to anyone in need, regardless of their nationality, without asking for

Learn how to get your codice fiscale +

WHAT IS A CODICE FISCALE (Italian Tax Code)? A Codice Fiscale is the Italian National Identification Number and the Tax Code. The Codice Fiscale is a unique and personal combination of letters and numbers that identifie

tessera sanitaria health insurance card +

TESSERA SANITARIA: WHAT IS IT? HOW CAN I GET ONE? In order to get your Tessera Sanitaria (Italian Health Insurance Card) you will have to have: Your passport A valid permit to stay or the receipt you get when

Walking Rome +

Walking Rome from end to end is an excellent method for travelers and expatriates alike to get to know a new city.  Start early in the morning before the city rush-hour begins and you’ll have the city all to yourself.


We got the chance to sit down and have a nice chat with this brilliant Rome-based American Travel Writer, BBC Localite, Instagram pioneer and journalist. You may know her from publications such as Forbes, The Huffington

Water in Rome +

Is tap water in Rome safe to drink? If you are visiting Rome for the first time you are probably asking yourself if you can safely drink tap or fountains' water in Rome. Well, the answer is Yes and we are here to help yo

Exercising in Rome Serena Williams +

An afternoon at the Vatican Museums, a scheduled sightseeing tour of the city, an amazing meal at that top rated Tripadvisor Italian restaurant and your working out schedule is soon to be broken.  After all you are here


After a few weeks of dolce far niente (i.e. Italian style lazyness - but only as far as expat interviews are concerned!), we are back with our expats’ highlights, this time with a sweet teacher from Maryland, Lauren F