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Dr. Paola Casadidio

Primary care doctor

12 years experience

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€20 starting from

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5 mins for primary care needs

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Dr. Paola Casadidio

Primary care


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Compare prices, see doctors' bio and reviews. Choose the one you prefer and pay online with credit card.

What Patients are saying

“Doctors in Italy was a wonderful service. It was easy to use. My son was ill while traveling and I am so glad I found this service and the doctor we had. The doctor was knowledgeable and caring. The service was responsive. My son got his prescription and was on his way to feeling better. I highly recommend you use them.”

Michele Russell

“Highly recommend this service while travelling in Puglia, Italy. I booked a video appointment online and was presented with options to book the Dr of my choice within the hour! Within 1 hour I had spoken with the Doctor via video call, received the invoice and prescription for medication to be issued by the local pharmacy. Excellent service 10/10”

Lisa Barwell

“I had an amazing experience with Doctors in Italy. Navigating the healthcare system in a foreign country can be intimidating. With Doctors in Italy the experience was seamless and effective. Setting up the appointment was super easy, and we were able to interact with a doctor right away. The doctor was very competent and spoke perfect English. I highly recommend the service.”

Andrea Ballarini

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Complete the intake form and confirm your request through WhatsApp or text. After confirming, you’ll quickly get appointment choices from various doctors. Pick the one you prefer and pay for your visit online. Video visits are browser-based. Click the link you’ll receive to start your video visit in your browser.

The overall pricing will vary depending on the providers. Each of them competes on every request, bidding a fair price. The average cost is 25 Euros.

It is possible to use certain insurances for payment, but this often diminishes the platform’s advantages. Checking coverage, even in the best-case scenarios, can take hours, and sometimes days. This platform is designed to allow individuals to choose and pay an affordable price out-of-pocket, eliminating the need for insurance. You can still request a medical report or an itemized bill from the doctors to claim a refund

Doctors in Italy complies with GDPR regulations. When you submit a request on Doctors in Italy, it is shared with all available doctors while keeping your data anonymized until you select a provider. Once you’ve chosen a doctor, your provided information will only be shared with them. Doctors in Italy does not and will never sell your personal information.

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